Often one partner in a couple makes the other feel like she is never right…that her point of view is crazy, illogical, or just plain wrong. That kills communication and fosters inequality, conflict & resentment.

Validate their perspective

Validating your partner’s perspective tells her that you value her perspective and that you feel she is your equal. Only then can true delicious soulbending heartgasmic sex ever happen between the two of you.

Validating your partner's perspective shows them that you value their point of view even if it's different than yoursClick To Tweet

How to validate

To validate her, see her opinion from her point of view. Then you’ll see how it makes sense to her. Then tell her that. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree or approve. It just means that you acknowledge the sanity, truth, and validity of her opinions and perception.

Direct benefits

As a wonderful side benefit, when you do this, it enriches your world like having two sets of eyes. Suddenly you have the amazing power to see something from multiple angles at the same time! She’s probably better at detecting some things than you are!

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