Fear Of Pregancy Inhibits Intimacy!

Fear of conceiving a child can be a MAJOR impediment to arousal for women! For too long too many men have left all the responsibility on the woman to block pregnancy on her own or deal with the consequences.

It’s like shooting her with bullets and telling her that she should have a bullet proof vest on if she doesn’t want to get hit. It’s totally backwards. Guys: You are the one shooting the bullets! It’s better to unload your gun than to expect her to deal with 2 million of your sperm trying to get her pregnant!

Birth Control For Men

If you’ve been thinking of getting a vasectomy, GO DO IT! If you might want to have kids one day, then carry a properly fitting condom in your wallet (and use it every time you have vaginal intercourse) and get an app on your phone to track her monthly cycle so that you know when she’s in her fertile period…and then don’t have vaginal intercourse at all during that fertile period, but come elsewhere…like on breasts or belly or in the back door or wherever turns you both on.

Take Responsibility

Seriously guys, a pregnancy is a child who will need 18 years (+/-) of care, and the world does not need another dead-beat dad perpetuating the bullsh*t and keeping women oppressed & busy with childcare.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Guys who don’t want kids should get a vasectomy. Otherwise use condoms and a fertility tracking app on your phone.” quote=”Guys who don’t want kids should get a vasectomy. Otherwise use condoms and a fertility tracking app on your phone.” theme=”style3″]

Empower your sexuality in your relationship by taking birth control into your own hands and taking responsibility for the fact that your semen is a pregnancy biohazard! Don’t mess around with that stuff if you don’t want to have kids now. Get a vasectomy ($500 (+/-) or get some condoms and an app to track her cycle and USE THEM!

She’ll appreciate your respecting her and caring for her sexual health and future, and it’ll empower your sex-life and bring you closer together.

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