Looking to inspire my husband

“B”, a married mother of a toddler from Canada writes:

I am looking to “wake up” my sex life. My partner and I have been together for 8 year.. And sex has become routine…. As in we do the same ole thing everytime. I am have a higher sex drive… Looking to inspire my husband…

You know, that my wife and I went through that very thing when we had a child when we had been together for 8 years.   I am happy to say that we came through it and are now more in love and more loving and sexual with each other than before.

The Secret That Saved Us

I’ll share with you the secret that saved us. It was being honest with each other about what we wanted and didn’t want.  That may sound simple or obvious, but it was neither to us!  It took many forms, not the least of which was sharing our fantasies and sexual desires with each other.

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I started it because I, like you, had the higher sex drive and was more unsatisfied with our sex-life than she was.  So I used some really powerful communication tools (that I can share with you if you are interested) that allowed me to bring up my sexual dissatisfaction and fantasies in a way that helped her to receive them well without being threatened or shocked or anything.

Opening the Door

Bringing them up to talk about one time didnt solve the problem, but opening the door to allow ourselves to have these conversations in our lives together easily is what solved the problem because it allowed us to explore a new side to ourselves. That brought us closer together by bringing us more intimacy and sexual fulfillment!

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