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Most guys don’t know enough about their penis, it’s hot spots, how to take care of it, and how to make it bigger with stronger erections and more ejalucation control. All too often guys learn from their friends rather than a wise teacher with correct information. A little education goes a long way!


Improve erection quality

Guys, you can take control of your erection quality and staying power while simultaneously increasing your erection size and stamina–all without surgery. You’ve probably heard about it as “natural male enhancement“, but anyone selling pills is just trying to take your money. You need to learn about kegels and jelqs and penis anatomy and physiology, not take viagra.

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Jelquing is a self-massage method that increases penis size.  Ever see someone with plugs in their earlobes or those women from Africa with long necks that they extended with brass rings? Jelqing increases penis size in the same manner…a little bit at a time over long periods of time.  Many guys can initially achieve an inch of length and an inch of girth in one to three months of correct jelqing. But, if you do it wrong you’ll hurt your penis, so it’s best to enroll in a course or get a coach (message me if you are interested).


Kegels are a muscle tone exercise that increases the strength of your orgasms and erections and your urinary control. Do you regularly have a last lingering little drop of pee when you finish urinating?  That’s a sign that your pelvic floor muscles are not strong.  Kegels are a manual strengthening exercise that improve your ability to get erections, prevent ejaculation, and control your urine. Did you know that the single biggest reason men end up in nursing homes when they get old is because they are unable to hold their bladder?  Keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong can add ten to 20 years to your free life before you need to go into a nursing home!  Self care, bro! Like jelqing, if you do it wrong you can hurt yourself, so it’s best to have a coach or take a course (message me if you are interested).


The most sensitive spot of all

The frenulum of the penis (google it) is the single most sensitive hot spot on the penis.  Guys can have amazing orgasms just from massaging or vibrating this one spot! If you think that just ramming the cock up and down is the best way to make an orgasm think again!  A little finesse combined with anatomy knowledge will give you much more amazing orgasms with much less effort. Circular motions with an oiled thumb are a great way to start, as well as left to right flicks from a lovers tongue.  Such a delicious way to orgasm.  I can even orgasm from just a vibrator on this one spot! Woo Hoo!!!

Smoking reduces your penis size

It’s a validated fact. Smoking makes cell walls less elastic and more brittle.  Why care? Your cock needs elasticity to swell and get big when erect. If your cell walls aren’t good and healthy and stretchy, your cock can’t get as big.  Smoking regularly reduces the size of the average erect penis by one half inch of length and girth.



It’s a horrible thing–circumcision cuts 50,000 sensory nerve endings that the penis is supposed to have, and it cuts off a layer of mucosa tissue that serves numerous sexual functions. It protects the rim of the head of the cock from constant touch by pants, underwear, etc. This constant touch further reduces the sensitivity of the penis through over stimulation…think about your ears ringing after too much loud noise at a conference.  The foreskin also lubricates the penis by acting like a sliding layer of skin. This makes sex much more comfortable for both the woman and man by reducing friction.

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It is a much more enjoyable experience when there is a sliding give and take rather than pure rubbing friction (ow!)  If you are circumcized, you can actually re-grow your foreskin and benefit from all the amazing things that it does for you and your partner.  Kind of like jelqing, the skin is regrown slowly over time through pulling, but don’t do it without help because you’ll just end up hurting yourself.  Circumsized guys, you aren’t alone, and most guys never learn how much their sex life and relationships are impacted by the anatomical results of this genital mutilation. Don’t know where to start? Drop me a line.


Improve your sex life with a higher Cock IQ

Increase your Cock IQ & have a more fulfilling sex life and sense of personal masculine power.  Don’t think that just because you own a cock you know everything about it. Knowledge is power, and learning more about it will help you to have better sex and enjoyment from it.

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